document checklist for H1b visa stamping


I have changed job in US in April-2013.

I will be visiting INDIA in JULY (approx after 3 months). I am looking for checklist for required document for H1b Stamping.

I tried googling it but did not help! Your help will be appreciated.

If it is from US Embassy or similar agency it would help to conivnce my employer.

Another concern - As i am travelling after 3 moths; will there be any issues for that?


The official list is whatever is there on the consulate website. However, they do mention something like any other documents related to your case which opens the pandora box.

The unofficial list (which most follow) includes your documents (resume, passport, payslips, W-2s, I-94 copies, degrees, marksheets, experience letters), H-1 documents (LCA copy, I-129 copy, 797) and employment documents (project/client details if working in consulting, finacial details, wage reports etc if it’s a small employer).

Hi Saurabh, Thanks for the comment. I work for big staffing firm (Nasdaq listed). I work @ their direct client location.

Legal team from my employer mentioned that they will provide following :- Copy of I129-H and supporting document, Payroll history, PO from customer, letter requesting consulte issue the visa, customer contract

I am confused; Do I need any documents from client either for visa or port of entry?

Thanks in advance.

PO from customer, customer contract etc are all client related documents, correct?