DOB wrong in Marriage certificate


I am going with my wife and baby for H1B stamping this month.

The problem is Wife date of Birth and mother name is wrong in our Marriage Certificate.

But her passport has update with my name correctly and in baby passport both our name are correct.

Only the Marriage certificate has wrong DOB and mother name for my wife.

Please help me with a proper answer

Thanks & Regards,

P M Shakir

It should not be an issue. They would consider passport as a better source of truth. I assume the DS-160 forms will have the correct information.

Yes. DS 160 is proper. Thanks for your answer

Hi Another question, Not related to this. I see the answer many times, But just to confirm.

My Employer send only the copy 797 B & C. I have no Original I 129 or 797. Is this OK to go with this ? Can you please suggest.

Thanks in Advance

It would be nice to have original 797 and copy of I-129. The officer may still accept copy of 797, but having the original is always helpful.

The Visa is approved. The consular only asked our passports. Neither marriage certificate or Approval copy or nothing asked. it was very smooth.



I am in similar situation. My wife’s DOB is incorrect in the marriage certificate. Could you please share your experience ?


How did you manage at the port of entry ?. I mean in Immigration at Airport ?Thanks!