Do you need work experience to do ms in mis?

Since i hav read on many posts that mis is a mba realated program.

so i was wondering do universities offering mis ask for any work ex??

If no work experince is required, which is the apt exam to get admission into this program gre or gmat??

Universities are flexible. Work exp helps in many cases. But is almost never an absolute necessity (though it practically may be). For eg, if you have 0 work exp, but somehow convince them that you grew up in a business family and took care of the business yourself, with proof and records, you may be able to bypass a lot of other candidates.

Regardless, After your graduation, you may need work experience, especially if its MBA. Also many of the management oriented courses involve a lot of case studies, which again need prior experience, or else, you might find yourself lost trying to imagine the hypothetical situations in the corporate world.

The best way to answer this question is to ask yourself…
What job do you expect to get after your degree is completed?

Then go to and try to find jobs . See if there are a lot of jobs which need freshers with 0 experience. If there are not too many, you might have to rethink.