Do you know any consultancies or companies to sponsor H1b 2014?

I am on H4 and I have 6 years of java development experience in Indian MNCs. I came to US on Aug 2012.

My husband’s H1b is valid till April 2015 .

Here are my questions:

  1. Do you know any consultancies or companies which can be trusted to sponsor H1b 2014 in Boston, MA. If not how can I find out one?

  2. As per my undersatnding after getting H1B approval only, I can search for a matching Job. Is that right?

3)I heard form some of my friends that after getting a job and a proper client only, H1b will get approved. Otherwise chances of RFE is more. Is that right?Or a consultancy sponsorship(without a job and a client) is enough for the COS approval?

4)When we say consultancies sponsor H1b visa, does that mean they give us a job? Or does that mean after getting visa they will help us finding a job?

Thanks in advance


  1. Don’t know

  2. H-1B is the job. You will be employed w/ the company that has filed H-1 for you. If they are a consulting company, then they would need to find projects for you, but that shouldn’t stop them from paying you (i.e. no benching)

  3. Based on the company applying your H-1, USCIS may ask for client/project details. When applying through small-medium size consulting companies, its best to assume that these are a must to have.

  4. Refer (2)