Do we need to run payroll if H4 to H1B COS is approved before October?


If the H4 (H4 valid till May, 2019) to H1B COS is approved before October 1st (say Aug 15th), do we need to run the payroll from Aug 15th?

Does this mean that the status changes from H4 to H1B on Aug 15th itself?


Please provide more details on H1 validity. The answer depends on your H1 validity dates/period.

My husband’s h1b validity is till may-2019.

I am on H4 with i94 till May 2019. We are going to apply H-1B. We are not sure whether to apply with or without cos.

If this is the first ever H1, COS if approved with H1 will be applicable from Oct 1st. Officially you will go from H4 to H1 from Oct 1st 2017, even though your H1 and COS is approved before Oct 1st.