Do we need to be on CPT while apply H1b

Hi WellWishers,

I am student and graduting by spring in month of May and planning to apply H1b. When i checked with my employer for H1B , he suggested me to take CPT for last Sem which will used for applying H1b.

  1. Is it mandatory to take CPT for applying H!B ?
  2. For apply H1b we need to show client letter. What is the best option to apply H1B, who is student status?
  3. Can i apply H1b in master qouta ? (Graduation date is in May 2016)

Please advise your valuable suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Not required

  2. If your employer is a consulting company, then it may be better to submit a client project letter. This is independent of what your current visa status is.

  3. No, you cannot. You should have already graduated by the time you apply for H-1.

You can apply for OPT when you are about to graduate. This will allow you to work even when H-1 is pending or if it may not make through the lottery.

Thanks for your valuable information which helped a lot.