Do we need IELTS qualified score to get H1B for working in US

I have got job offer in US and applied for visa. My visa application is suspended due to non availability of English certificate.

Please clarify.

Can I use the secondary school english certificate which can replace the IELTS certificate.

You do NOT need IELTS certificate for H1B.

What exactly did you send to USCIS ? Did any of your certificates you sent were in other language ? Typically, USCIS expects all the certificates you send to them to be in English. If not, you need to have them translated and notarized.

Actually English is not a factor to get an H1B visa, but the US consular officer identifies overall factors. If you can’t understand English and grammatical mistakes, such can impact. He doesn’t conduct any exams, simply ask your documents, academic certificates, why you are going , what company etc… If you are not answering in proper English, Master degree holder doesn’t know English. So eventually it shows negative results. So answer properly.
No need your secondary school certificate. If you have submitted bachelor degree certificates, that’s enough.
Common questions given below. I hope these questions help you.