do they differentiate in a MBA and MS degree for getting my visa approved.

My name is Suraj Menon, I got a MBA degree from US and prior to that I worked for 5 years  with Big companies and also hold a Masters degree and a bachelor degree from India.


Now I am working in  OPT with a company. They are applying my H1B this year and just for my information  they informed me that  have a 90% chance of getting a H1B and 10 % of not getting. 


I asked them the reason, they said because its a lottery system since last year for selecting visa's  and I hold a MBA degree and you don't come under STEM so there is a slight chance of not getting the visa.  And I feel that's not the reason. 


	I feel that applies to all the people regardless of MS or MBA degree from the US. And the lottery does not differentiate whether you have a MS or a MBA degree. And I also understand that the chances of getting my status approved depends on the way you represent/file your application. 


	Can you throw some light on this and help me clear the confusion.