Do not have a 221G Form provided by Embassy when my H1 was put on hold

Hi - My H1 was put on hold and the officer verbally explained the reason for the same. I now have the complete information and when I visited the VFS office they asked for a 221G form. There was no form that was provided by the officer in the embassy when my application was put on hold. I have been following up with VFS on mails and I have not received any response in this regard. Can someone let me know if there is anyway I can get the 221 G form or information from US Embassy using which I can refile my application…

Well, I am not sure how it got missed… Ideally, VO should have given you such form, if there was anything.

Did Visa officer take passport ? If yes, then you just have to wait and followup with VFS.

You can email US embassy explaining your case.