Do need to pay for COS - H4 to H1

Hi ,

I have filed for H1 -2014 from india and also planning to get my H4 stamped in the month of May 2013 since my husband is in USA currently

Say my H4 gets approved and i travel to US and also if my H1 gets approved


1. can i apply for Change of Status name once my H1 gets approved?

2. Do I need to [b]pay for Change of status change from H4 to H1 visa status[/b]?

3. Do I need to go out of the country(USA) to get the H1 stamped or can just continue to work once i get my H1 petition approved?

Thanks and Regards,

Nirmala Chavan
  1. Yes. You can apply for H1 to H4 COS

  2. You shouldn’t pay for any COS

  3. If you are planning to work why do you want to go for H4 in the first place?

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