Do I require a fresh F-1 visa-I have for 5yrs-2yrs are completed

I have an F-1 visa for 5 yrs.I have finished my 2 yrs of schooling in Detroit.Now I will be going to undergrad college in Detroit where I have received admission.The new college has issued a new I-20.Do I have to again go for F-1 visa

No, you do not need to. Your SEVIS record has to be tranferred.

Talk to the DSO at the new school and also old school and get info related to SEVIS and how they can transfer.

Thank you very much for the fast & great response

even i am having similar issue, i have f1 visa till 2015 but i will b getting h1b approved and will go to india to get it stamped , if i get rejected there can i come back to usa with the old f1 visa status by getting admission in other school?