Do I qualify for Interview Wavier program(Drop box)?

I have got H1-B visa stamping at Chennai FEB-2011(Valid till SEP-2013) and came to USA andworking here. I did not visit Chennai after FEB-2011.We are planning to visit Chennai and got my H1-B visa stamping and H4- formy spouse and kids.My I-797 was valid till OCT-2013 [ From previous employer #2]My I-797 was valid from JAN-2012 to JAN-2015 [From Previous employer #1]My I-797 was valid from OCT-2012 to OCT-2015 [From my current employer]My I-797 is valid from OCT-2015 to APR-2018. [From my current employer]

Am I eligible for Interview Waiver program(drop box)?



Your most recent visa stamp expired in 2013, which is more than 1 year ago. So you are not eligible for dropbox facility.

Thanks Saurabh! I have got the same reply for USTRAVELDOCS aswell