Do I qualify for a second OPT after 10 years?

Dear Saurabh, thanks in advance for patiently reading through. I have a complicated situation just like many others. Hope you can help. I graduated in 2003 with a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. I used my OPT till 2004 (full 12 months) and then worked on H1B for 6 years. Never filed for green card as I intended to return. And I did return in 2010. 2 years later in 2012, I came back to get a MBA degree. My questions are

  1. I know that I qualify for another 6 years of H1B, since I was out of the US for 2 years. However, Will I get another 12 months of OPT, essentially because I was out of the US for 2 years?
  2. Can I apply for CPT, in case I dont get OPT? Concern is is it technically correct to get CPT after exhausting OPT?
  3. Shouldn’t I get another OPT since the program is so different? Last one was M.Sc (STEM) degree and this is MBA?
  4. I know that STEM canmdidates can apply for 17 additional months of OPT? Can I get those 17 months since my last degree from 2003 was in Electrical Engineering?
    Thank you so much for your help.

Check the above link

1)  No

2) While you are doing your MBA, you can get a CPT. Not after you are done with your MBA.


4) I think you cant get the 17 month extension now, as you have to be on OPT to apply for extension.

Agree w/ this response except 4.

  1. Subsequent OPT is issued only when it is for a higher degree. As both MS and MBA are Masters programs, new OPT is not issued.

  2. 17th month extension cannot be applied now as OPT was almost 10 years ago and the rule doesn’t apply to old OPTs.