do i or my company have any change to file my h1B now for 2013.

Am currently on L2 EAD till dec,2012.My husband who is in L1 is leaving US in jan,2013.Is there anyway now that I/my company can apply for any work visa so that I can continue to work after dec,2012.Would be great if anybody can suggest me a way by which I can continue to work after dec,2012.

Is your company a cap-exempt organization?

If yes, then they could file a cap-exempt petition on your behalf anytime.

If not, I don't think you can get H1B VISA this year as cap has reached for the FY2013 quota on June 11th. You may apply for FY2014 quota which starts in April 2013.

Isn't it possible for your husband to extend his L1?