Do i need to take my 3 and half year kid for Biometric and PA

My Biometric and PA is scheduled for next week, I have also applied for H4 dependant visa for my wife and son who is 3 and half years old.
I have read only my son’s photograph is enough and he is eligible for interview waiver.
My doubt:

  1. Do we need to fill some form for interview waiver or only his documents (passport, Birth cert,DS-160,appt letter and 2 photos) will do.
  2. For PA is his presence required as I read visa might not be given to person who is not present for interview.

Thanks in advance.

You don’t need to bring your kid unless he/she is under 14. Just keep his/her required document along with a visa requirement specific photograph. You just need to show your kid’s passport and required documents if they asking any. Kid will get the visa for sure unless your documents are proper.

Good luck.

Thanks for the update, will carry his Passport,Birth Cert and photos.