do i need to re-apply for new h4 visa or travel with my current visa.

My spouse went to US in May 2015. He was working with EMPLOYER A.

As dependents we received h4 with employer A name in our visa.

Spouse changed his employer in May 2016 and currently working with employer B.

We dependents are planning to move to US for first time next month.

So my query is can i travel with existing h4 visa with spouse new I-797 document or re-apply for new visa.

Kindly reply back soon.

You can travel on current visa (assuming it has not expired) and show that visa stamp and B’s petition at PoE. It should be ok. They should issue I-94 based on B’s 797 expiration date. Make sure to show B’s petition, or else they would consider A’s petition.

Thanks for the prompt reply. My visa is valid till next year. I’l be travelling for first time to US with my kids. So can i travel with my current visa with spouse previous employer name? Kindly confirm

Yes, that is correct. You can travel w/ A’s visa stamp and B’s petition. It is not required to get another visa stamped as long as the previous visa stamp has not expired.

Any possibility in my case (being that on H4 and i would be traveling to US for first time, change of employer for spouse) to be eligible for “Drop Box” Interview Waiver Program.kindly guide me regarding the same ASAP