Do I need to mention the L1b petition rejection reson in H1B document

Last year Dec 2015 my L1B petition got rejected saying I don’t have the specialized skills, now my company is procession my H1B. So my question do I need to mention my L1B petition rejection reason in H1b doc…? as below questions are asked in H1b doc.

  1. Have you ever applied for a nonimmigrant US visa before including the tourist visa

  2. Has visa been ever cancelled, denied or rejected…?

So please let me know what I need to mention for these two questions

So your petition was denied and you never ever went to the consulate for the L-1 visa interview, correct?

Usually visa refers to the visa application submitted at the consulate and not to the petition submitted to USCIS. Is that what your employer is referencing in these questions?

Hi Saurabh,

Yes you are correct, my petition got denied and I never went to the L-1 visa interview to consulate. Now they are processing the H1B and both question they asked in the H1B processing document. Even I have checked with the team as per them they are telling that I need to answer as Yes for both the questions.
Want to know that will it be there any effect of L-1 petition denied on the H1B application…?

I still think the answer is No as visa and petition are 2 different things. Still if they want you to respond as Yes, then go ahead. The denial will not impact outcome of H-1 processing.