Do I need to file an H1b amendment if change of client location in cap gap period ?

Employer X files for h1b , got approved in June. Applied for CAP GAP to cover till Oct1. Changed client location in August. A couple of questions :

  1. Do I need to inform USCIS immediately as soon as I changed to a different location ? Since I was in cap gap and H1b didn’t start till October 1 , we are applying for it now in September? Will it have any negative impact ? Will the fact that I started working on cap gap and later filed the amendment in September to be in complaince from October 1 Crete any issues?

What I am trying to get at is , is it ok to work on cap gap without amendment as long as you are in complaince from October 1.

Also the rule which says that you cannot work in the new location until your amendment is filed be valid here , coz I was on opt cap gap?


No impact as you were not on H-1 yet. As long as new LCA and H-1 amendment is filed by Oct 1, you should be in compliance with H-1 rules.

I am not sure if OPT rules require you to inform DSO about location change.