Do I need to carry an amended approval notice for my H1B visa appointment, or will the original approval notice suffice?


I had received an approval notice with my surname misspelled (the last letter had been cut off). I spoke to my attorneys and they filed an amendment notice, which didn’t arrive for 7 months. They told me that it is possible to get my H1B stamped with the original approval notice since we had entered my name correctly, and it was just a typing error. So I booked my visa appointment for 6th February, and I got an email from my attorney yesterday saying that they received the amended approval notice. Since my attorney is in Canada, I’m not sure if they can send me the notice before my interview. Can I get my visa stamped with the original approval notice?

As your attorney to send a scan copy of your latest approved amendment, print that copy and take it along with your other paperwork for stamping.