Do I need paper approval notice in order to schedule H1B visa interview?

Hello All,

My H1B visa petition has been approved on 15th October. The USCIS website says that they have sent the notice via mail on 15th October. Currently, I am waiting for that notice to come. Meanwhile, I wanted to know if I can schedule the visa interview appointment without the actual approval notice with me. The reason I ask this is because I am not sure if the approval notice contains some case number (or some form of unique application number) that I need to fill when I schedule the visa interview on the new system.

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The approval notice is sent to employer/attorney who will then forward it to you. For scheduling the interview, just just need the receipt number (which is same as what your employer gave you earlier). However, physical document is required at the time of actual interview. So don’t get into the situation that you are still w/o the approval copy on your interview date.