Do I need Original Denial Notice hardcopy in Port of Entry to prove my overstay after I94 expiry till day of denial


My I94 had expired on 2018 June 30.

My H1B extension was applied on 2018 Feb 12. RFE received on 2018 May 01 and denied on 2018 August 17. I left country within 5 days on 2018 August 22.

So I have overstayed from 2018 June 30(date of I94 expiry) to 2018 August 22(5 days after H1B denial).

Could you please confirm if I need to have Original copy of H1B denial notice for re-entering US in later point either on H1B or H4. My employer only provide Original receipt notice and scanned copy of denial notice. Will this work in Port of Entry.