Do I need h1b stamping again if i transfer my h1b to new employer from india

I have valid i797B with stamped h1b visa from Employer A (till 2025), but never travelled to US on this VISA, in between if i would like to transfer my petition to employer B from India itself, should I need to go for stamp again?

Appreciate if some one clarify me with legit references possible.

You can travel on your current visa and present the I797 from the new employer at port of entry.

Thanks for your Response Kalpesh, Appreciate if there is any online reference that i can use at Port of Entry

Visa is just a travel document. Your status is governed by the I-94 that CBP will issue when you enter the US using employer B I-797.

You can consult your employer’s immigration lawyer.

I have attended interview in Delhi and got 221g administrative processing with yellow slip and the officer kept the passport with them which is from consultancy and But now my current employer is willing to transfer my h1b petition to them.
Can you please suggest if the transfer can happen as my passport is with the officer.

My advice is against doing a transfer while your visa application is pending.