do i need an h4 interview again

Hi. I’m on h4. Right now I’m in india and will fly to usa in December.
My h4 visa is expired. And hubby changed his company. And got new i797 .

Do I need an interview at consulate or will drop box submission work for me. My first stamping was done in 2013 at Mumbai consulate with ofc and an interview.

Do I need to go to consulate once again. Or drop box is OK. Pls help me.

just by looking at your case, looks like you might fall under the visa waiver program. while filling DS-160 you would come to know about that. so you have to drop off your passport with the required docs and consulate office. so that it can be stamped.

Doesn’t waiver program require no change in employer? Also, it would depend upon when her original H-4 visa stamp expired.

PS: It’s visa interview waiver program. I wish there was a visa waiver program where no visa is required for travel :slight_smile:

It depends on when the visa expired, but even h1 visa holders with expired visa but approved petition with different employer are eligible for dropbox now. I’m assuming same would be true for h4