Do I have to go to India for Visa renewal?

I have my initial petition picked up in lottery in 2016. But my company send me for stamping in 2017. Since the initial petition was for 2016-2019, my H1B visa was granted for 2017-2019. Now before I land up in US, my company filed amendment and I received new I-797B valid for 2018-2021. I landed in US in 2018.

My question is, I have my visa stamped till 2019, so do I need to return to my home country and apply for extension till 2021? Need to understand what are the process in this case.

Any help is much appreciated!!

As you have valid visa stamping in your passport, you might not need to attend for visa interview again until 2019…

But please double check with your Attorney once.

You are all set to work in the US until 2021. You can travel abroad until 2019. If you go to India in 2019, it might be a good idea to get a stamping. The purpose of stamping is travel authorization; work authorization is different.