Do I have to come back to India for stamping H1B on my passport

Hi…I am working right now in my OPT year and have been selected in the random lottery for H1B. If my petition gets approved and am granted the H1B, will I have to come to India to get it stamped on my passport or can It be done in the US?

From my personal experience, your status will change to H1B within the US. If you travel outside of US, you need to get visa stamp in your home country so you can come back to the US. If you don’t travel, you can stay in the US since your status will be H1B.

But I might go to my home country for only max 1-2 weeks.

Then I believe you have to make an appointment at your US consulate in India for visa stamping. I heard people can go to Canada US consulate to do so. But once you decide to travel out of the US, you need a visa stamp to get back. So expect to spend some weeks outside of the US

Thanks for the info. Ant idea what is the waiting time for the visa interview date in Canada?