Do all 125k applicaitons applied this year get a receipt number?

I am trying to see if all H1b applicaiton filed this year get a receipt number or only the ones which got through the lottery get a receipt number.

My case is that when my sevis says change of status to h1b pending with a receipt number WAC13132xxxxx. But my attorney says he did not receive any receipt yet. When my employer called the uscis, they said the receipt number was on my name , receipt date was 8th april and notice date was 12th april.

Does this mean I got selected in the lottery? How can I be sure that I got selected in the lottery?

Yes, a receipt number means you were selected. Your lawyer/employer should get the mail soon.

Not everyone gets the receipt number. Only those who made through the cap will get the number.

What abt wait listed applications? Do they get a receipt number too ?

Yes, all those numbers area already factored in.

So if I don’t get a physical receipt does that mean my application is wait listed and will have to wait ?

If you don’t get receipt then most likely your petition will be returned if it didn’t make through the cap or wait-list. Returned petitions may take another 1-2 months to be received.

My question is when the employer called and asked about the receipt number i had from sevis, uscis told that it was on my name and they told the notice date was 12th april. What does this mean?

You are thinking too much. You have made through the cap as receipt number was generated. The physical notice should be received by employer/attorney within 30 days. If not, they should contact USCIS and follow-up.

I did not get physical receipt yet. But when I was checking the receipt number mentioned on my I 20 it says on may 2 address was changed. My attorney says we did nothing as we don’t have receipt. Does USCIS change addresses by itself too ? What do I do now…my attorney wanted me send them the i20 as proof…I did that…please advise

Wait for employer/attorney to receive the physical receipt. They can then follow-up w/ USCIS on this.