Distance Education/Online Learning MS from USA is it worth doing?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with 2 yrs work experience.
How is Distance Learning from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. ( www.iitchicagoinindia.com )

What is the difference in the degree for an online student?
And after MS will i be eligible for on-campus placements?

I have been hearing the advantages of Distance learning but want to know the drawbacks and how can i possibly cope up.

How to get information of other universities which has distance learning?
I have gone through websites of many universities, some had mentioned and some dont have.
How to select universities ?

Please can anyone help.

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There are some universities who have most of the course done on DE/ Online. What happens is when you get degree, people tend to value it lesser than an on capus program as soon as they see the university name.

‘Generally’ most of the universities with both oncapus and DE programs doesnt specify the mode of study in the degree certificate, making it hard for people to ‘judge’ your education by seeing the certificate. I would suggest to check with anybody else who has done the same course and see their certificates.

Since universities are pushing hard to promote their DE programs, generally they dont discriminate students on the campus job fairs. I have even see some ads of Job fair for DE students only. So if you find the course affordable from a reputed university with both on/off campus program, you may go with the DE option without any worries.


Thanks for the feedback.
It really helped!