Discrepancy in place of birth in Birth Certificate. Help needed as my Green Card is getting filed on EB1-C category

My Green Card is getting filed on EB1-C category. I was made aware that I need to submit Birth Certificate. When I checked my Birth Certificate, I found that the place of birth has minor spelling mistakes and does not match with place of birth mentioned in my passport. I also read that I could obtain an affidavit signed by my parents stating the correct place of birth and it could be used along with my birth certificate as an evidence. Also School Leaving certificate could be used as an additional evidence for date of birth and place of birth. Please confirm if my understanding is correct. Also, according to USCIS, which document is having higher importance with respect to date of birth and place of birth - Is it passport or birth certificate or school leaving certificate (it has both place of birth and date of birth)? Appreciate any help in this regard. Thanks