Discontinued masters? want to reapply for the F1 visa?

In 2009 i discontinued my masters without prior notice to university because of health problems. meanwhile i am into IT --sector and teaching profession in india. now i am planing to apply for fall2015 does i am going to get any problems -during the visa interview that i don’t have any papers regarding health issue which i have faced in 2009. while applying for universities do i need to mention regarding previous masters discontinue.

Please help me regarding this.

Well, if you have already lived in the US on F1 visa, then I think it is important to have record of that. The beauty is that you can trasnfer those credits to your new school, so do not waste that… From an immigration standpoint, what matters is that if you were in status when you left to India. Read USA Visa Vs. Status in USA …If you maintained your stauts in USA, you should be fine…it is best to check and talk to your international advisor at both the schools and get their advise.

Hi there, it depends on whether you kept legal while on the previous visa i.e. you didn’t overstay, or you didn’t go outside the terms of your visa. If this is documented I don’t see that there should be a problem. Ask the college you are applying to about transfer of credits and whether there may be issues surrounding getting a second visa. You could also look on http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/english/study-exchange/student.html