Dilemma between L1B and H1B


I currently hold a H4 visa and work in India for a software firm. I’m planning to file my H1B visa next through H1 B visa sponsors from the US. I was browsing this forum and got to know that the process initially starts by Jan.

Meanwhile my current organisation is planning for a L1B.But till now the formalities haven’t started yet. It’s already Nov and I was checking with our visa cell who informed me that normally it takes 2 months for overall process to complete.So if they start at least by Nov end then it would be next Jan end to know the result of L1 B.In such a scenario I am getting apprehensive that incase my L1 B visa gets rejected (considering rejections are high in L1) by Jan end then I might not have any time left to file my H1 B by myself. This is causing a dilemma whether to give L1 a chance. Can anyone share their view.

you can have both petitions filed… you dont have to wait