Different statuses on USCIS website for H1B and H4 dependent

My H1B and my wife’s H4 petions reached Vermont Service Center on June 7th. We’ve both got receipt notices after 1 week or so (regular processing).

When I check status online: mine is in the[b] Initial Review[/b] stage and her is in the [b]Decision [/b]stage. Whe haven't heard anything from our attorney yet. Is it normal that processing for dependant goes faster? Does aproval of dependent's H4 mean that H1B is also approved? 

Thanks, timothy

The status shown in USCIS website may not be accurate all the time. Hence you should make conclusions only when your attorney receives the approval notice.

Since you have filed on June 7th with regular processing, its highly unlikely that your H1B is approved and the status is wrong in the website. I do not think H4 will be approved prior to H1B adjudication. Above all, there is no use of an approved H4 without an approved H1B.