Different DOB in passport and birth certificate - Green Card


My date of birth on my Indian passport (and all other educatonal certificates) and brith certificate are different. I am applying for GC now. Is there any way I could fix this?

Well, Date of Birth is a very important document and you need to have it correct. You need to stick with which one is the correct one and then modify documents as needed. If you do any changes to other documents, then you would also need to submit an affidavit from an attorney stating the entire reason for changes in documents and why you had to do it… You can fix all your documents, need to start with Passport, then visa, then other documents…Again, this one is if your Date of Birth is the correct one. If otherwise, check if there is a way to get the DOB one to be corrected…Discuss with your attorney, who would file your Green Card and seek their guidance as well, before you jump in and start all your process.

@vpkrisha did you managed to update your DOB in all the immigration document., I have recently changed my passport DOB. I would like to know from where we have to start?