Differences in work Titles and job titles on resume & H1B

Hi All,

While Transferring my h-1 b from Company A to Company B which I filed on June-2015, I submitted all the list of documents along with my resume.

In the Submitted resume I mentioned as I got total of 7 years of IT experience and I stated only 3.5 years of full time work experience in US and I forgotten to provide the 3.25 years of Masters graduate research work experience and 1 year of full time job experience in India.

Also, there is a discrepancy in job titles on resume and on my H-1 b Copy.

I didn’t submitted any false resume to USCIS.

Recently I got RFE in April,2016,asking my Education and Experience evaluation

While answering my RFE, can I submit the updated resume with the recommendation letters from my professors who gave me the work in University and also the experience letter from my employer in INDIA

Please can anyone answer my questions.


Your attorney is in a better position to handle this. If you submit updated resume then you should explain the differences without giving the impression that they are fake.

My designation in the h-1b is mentioned as like “Computer analyst” where as I just mentioned my role as “SQL Server DBA” in the resume without mentioning my designation in the resume.

The discrepancy in title should not impact the outcome. If I read your question correctly then you mentioned 3 years and something experience but want to change it to 7. That’s where you should talk to your attorney and get them to revives the changes.