Did the process for H1B filing started this year in MNC's

Hello All,

Did the process for H1B filing for this year started in MNC’s(Infosys,Accenture,TCS…).

If anyone raised please let us know the process followed in your company.

I know my friend in IBM, started. but internal process differs from company to company. What actually you are looking for ?

I was just checking…I heard my friend in TCS saying that filing didn’t started yet. Seems TCS is not filing any H1B’s this year.

USCIS accepts the applications from April 1st. Below is the statement from the USCIS web site,

“We will begin accepting H-1B petitions that are subject to the FY 2016 cap on April 1, 2015. You may file an H-1B petition no more than six months before the employment start date requested for the beneficiary.”

Every organizations does some due diligence as to when they start their internal process like looking at the latest trends, # of aspirants, what is actual requirement and how much of a budget do they have so it really depends on the organization.

In general, software importers start pretty early to make sure every case goes through without issues and so on and so forth but what matters is when USCIS starts accepting the applications which is 1st of April this FY 2016 cap subject.

Yes… It seems there is no H1B initiation from TCS this year. They have not told it publicly but seems that is what going to happen