Did not Receive RFE Yet, Status Changed on 17 july 2013

Hi all ,

My status updated to RFE in USCIS on 17 july 2013 but my employer has not received RFE thru mail yet, is there any one with same situation or Received RFE after status changed on july 17 2013. Any information will be helpful.



If they don’t receive it within 30 days, then they should contact USCIS.

Hi Saurabh I received my RFE thru mail after weeks 01-Aug-2013, they have asked for. My Petition is for In House Project and they asked for
1.SOW, Signed contract between Employer and End Client.
2. Detailed Description of Position, required Skill set
3.Copy of Federal Income TAx statement
4.All Details about Employer

Your employer will have to arrange for the docs. If it was filed as internal project, then they need to mention that and show that internal project is not a sham.