Did not maintain F1 status as per university..will impact on H1B?

Currently I am on F1 visa. When I have applied for H1B at that time I had a CPT. But unfortunately I could not attend the classes on campus due to job. Eventhough my university has allowed me to enroll in Summer classes.But in respond to CPT RFE, my academic advisor saying that You did not maintain F1 status due to low attendance in Spring semester… So we will proceed with our standard approved USCIS format to them. We will offer USCIS the facts of the enrollment with university pertaining to you.It will impact to get H1B approval?? Thank You.

I had a full time CPT for 40 hours and I have registered other 9 credit course and 0.5 credit for CPT. I could not able to attend these 9 credit courses because I was working on full time CPT. And now I have get an update from my university that you did not maintain F1 status.So, is it necessary to attend the 9 credit courses if I am working on 40 hours CPT ?