Did not get the Receipt Number for H1B filing

I have filed the H1B through the consultancy and I have receipt the courier acknowledgement submitted number. It has been submitted on JUNE 1st and sill as on date I did not get my Receipt Number. What should i do to get the Receipt EAC number please advise?

I have the same issue. Mine was filed on June 8th though and I still haven’t received the receipt number. One of my colleague’s was filed on 9th June- he also hasn’t got his. Howveer all my colleagues who’s petition was filed in May have got the receipt number. May be no1 from June has got it? Not sure though. There was an USCIS Release stating receipt generation might be late by 2 to 4 weeks. May be that is the case with us.

Hi, mine got filed on June 1… i’m still waiting for the receipt, whereas members in my project got receipt which was filed on june 6 or 7… so not sure how the order is…