DHS going to stop h1b extensions after 6 years, how much time will it take to be in place as a rule?

This may cause h1b extensions to be killed . Wanted to know if we get atleast an year to pack up and have a back up plan or will this rule be in place as quickly as within a month or two?

It is too early to say anything. While this 6 year H1B extension news, has only appeared in one of the news articles by one news agency, it is not officially published anywhere either on USCIS or it was not even part of the Fall 2017 Regulatory Agenda . While, there are some policies that DHS is working on to make H1B program more strict, we do not know at this point what they may be.

I do not think it will be a random rule passing and everyone will be asked to leave suddenly. There are hundreds of thousands of workers in this status and DHS will not do something like that without proper rule publication and comments. Businesses will be impacted with this rule, so there will be lobbying by all the companies as well as many are in Green Card line waiting. So, do not worry too much about it now…we will keep everyone posted, if something official really happens.

Thanks for the response , As you replied i will look forward for more on this once DHS has framed the amendments properly.

It seems to be from a private news bureau referring to memos between DHS chiefs which is unusual in itself. As Kumar said, not all such news can be relied upon unless substantiated further. You can write to the author of the report for more information. His name is listed in the news report