Detailed steps for parents visa of F1 visa student for grafuation purpose?

Hi everyone,

It will be great if some one can guide detailed steps to get parents visa done. I am a f1 visa student and I want to get my parents in USA for graduation purpose.

Please guide on following points:

  1. Documents needed (Financial and personnel)

  2. time it will take

  3. Questions and answers for visa interview.

  4. any other things to keep in mind in your opinion

Thank you in advance!

Note: I searched for steps for parents visa for f1 student graduation on google but could not fine. It will be great if one writes article about that.

In general, the process does not matter either if you are on F1 or H1B. All you do is send invite letter and the reason like your graduation invite or letter, and your status in US documents. You can read Process for Parents Visa USA