Dependent visa work permit


Recently i Got H1b from some company,my wife also working in same company.My Question was

1)Can she directly work with H4 (When i went to US.).If so what is the process and how much time it will take?

(or )

2)Do i need to apply to green card .If so, can i apply from day 1.(is it must and should)

So i have read some policies which is linking with H4 and PR.Totally i was confused.Can you please some one answer my questions.


She can work on H-4 only if she has an EAD. She would get EAD only if you have entered 7th year on H-1, or have an approved I-140 which is issued as part of green card processing.

Your employer can start the GC process anytime that they want. However, to get I-140 approval, it may still take up to 2 years or more.