Dependent visa for wife and kid who is 5 months old. Will change in university create a problem?


I have enrolled in MS in financial risk management (MSFRM) program at Northern Illinois University for fall 2017 and came to US in August 2017. As the risk management subjects involved too much of maths, algebra and statistics and also as the actual fee of the course ($38K) is much higher than that what was quoted on my I20 ($26K) I decided to take a transfer and I got an admit for Professional MBA with IT track at Campbellsville University (CU), Kentucky for October intake I already have an MBA form India 10 years back. As CU is also offering day 1 CPT I am still living in Chicago and hoping to find a job. Now, I want to apply for my wife’s and kid’s dependent visa who is just 5 months old and we have sufficient funds, atleast $20k more than the program fee. Will my transfer become a hurdle in their visa? Will my child’s age be considered to grant a visa on humanitarian grounds as I am missing them badly? Will i have to show Kentucky address while filling their I20s? What is the best way to get a visa?

Hi Ritesh,

Transfer from one program to another is not a matter of concern. Visa approvals for F-2 class are lowest among all visas. You have to show ‘continual ability’ to support family which means a pay check and not ‘available funds’. How far are you from getting your H1B?

Best wishes

I just got CPT now. H1B is still a distant dream.