Dependant Visa Filing H4 for wife and son

Hello All,
Got this mail today,‘This is to inform that the Individual Petition of the below mentioned associate has been approved by USCIS’.
My petition valid only for 1 year.
Need some information for dependant visa filing

  1. My wife has my Name in her passport, but I don’t have her name in my passport, will this create any issue. We have marraige certificate.
  2. My son has both our names on his passport, so any other doc reqd for his Visa.
  3. If I apply for dependant visa is it necessary to take them with me now itself or can I take them later.
    Thanks in advance
  1. No issues

  2. That should be fine. If possible, get the birth certificate also

  3. Both options are available - everyone can go together, or they can go later

Thanks Saurabh.

One more doubt,I have read the it’s necessary for a family of 3 to stay/rent a 2BHK house.
Is it true? Can’t we stay in 1 BHK and save rent.

Thanks in advance

RMG even I would like to know same. If you get to know please reply here.

It would be a city requirement and not federal thing. What city, state will you be staying in?

Pompano Beach (Broward County), Florida

I will be going to Pennsylvania