Delay in H1B receipt number , file H4 extension

My H1B petition was filed a month ago and I’m yet to receive receipt number, how to file H4 I539 without H1b receipt number ? I-539 Online filing shows H1B receipt number is mandatory and not able to proceed next steps. H4 is expiring in a week.

Emma Chat is also not helpful. Any insights?

File paper I-539 and select the box, ‘yes filed previously and pending with USCIS’, on page 2, under Part 1, 3a. Leave the box 3b blank and add a comment on page 7, Part 8, additional information and mention that you haven’t received the receipt for H1B.

Thanks Kalpesh. To which location should i be sending I-539? Since i do not know I-29 petition filed location.

Call your employer’s immigration lawyer and ask them where they filed.

I have query regarding the Receipt number. My Receipt number starts with IOE85XXXXXXXX. My query here is first 3 digits are related to service center and next two digits should be fiscal center, which is nothing but current year.
But in my case it is 85. could anyone kindly help me on this.