Default URGENT : Extension, Transfer and Travel


I have just got my H1 extension done starting from october 1st 2012 with company A.

I am planning to join company B around mid or end of december. And I have plan of visiting India in January starting for a month and will have to go for stamping.

I have two questions on above sequence

  1. Can H1 B transfer application get impacted because I have just got H1 extension and trying to switch job immediately?
  2. If all go good, I would have just joined company B before stamping so I would not have any or 1 paystub while going for stamping. So considering this lack of payslip and also point 1, will it impact negatively while going for stamping? Also I do not have any W2 because I entered US in June 2012 only.

Any guidance on above questions will really help me.