Decision Notice Mailed I129

After RFE suddenly my status changed to “Decision Notice Mailed”, denied your I129 Petition for Non- Mig Worker and mailed the decision notice to Attorney.

Can some one explain what does this mean? Status also says there are some options which we can take for further actions.

What type of actions we(my attorney/me) can take, is there any chance that my current H1B petition will get clear and how much will it take from current status.Or how much time will going to be wasted, if my attorney challenge the USCIS decision.

any help will be appreciated.

Once your attorney knows the denial reasons, they can file MTR or an Appeal within 30 days. They will have to show why USCIS erred in denying the petition. These take a while to process, so don’t rely on them completely. You may again file through next year’s cap while these are under process.

In these type of denial cases is there any chances of h1b approval after challenge uscis.

It is subjective. A lot depends upon why it was denied and what petition your attorney files to counter it.

So now there is 1% hope of selection, 99% out right?

Before putting up the numbers, let’s wait to see what the denial reasons are. Your attorney will be the best person to guide you on probability once he sees the reasons and evaluates the options.

Finally i got to know the reason of h1b failure.
Fails Due to insufficient docs from employer side. So any idea about success rate in these type of appeal and how much time this process will take appeal and uscis response on that appeal(accept/reject).

Your attorney will be in a better position to give you a probability on this. He can take a look at the case and confirm what the chances are.

did u resubmitted ur I-129 petition for your denial case,if so can u pls tell me ur case status, My case also denied after RFE.please

I also got the same thing, can you please update if you resubmitted that and what are the chances for the same ?