Dear Admin, Need urgent response, F1 visa

Dear Admin,

I got my F1 Visa for UTEP for the spring-2016 semester for my MBA. I went US attend some classes then suddenly I was suffering from severe Jaundice and I return back to India for medical treatment after informing my DSO. My DSO inform me that she terminate my I-20 from my sevis record and will process new I-20 and I have to pay my sevis fee again.

Now I want to go back for Spring-2017 will I have to go for new visa stamping? Also I got admission into NW-MSU with schlorship can I change my university or go with the same option (UTEP). Please suggest me better. What are the chances of getting visa again.

If your visa is valid and you have New I-20 from previous school, you do not need to go for stamping. Check with your DSO, if there is any need for visa stamping as rules keep changing. Regarding going to other school, you may need to go for stamping, as technically your SEVIS records were deleted. Again, you should check with your new school, if there is any such option of avoiding stamping. These are critical issues and I recommend checking with DSO for everything.