Day 1 CPT SEVIS - Can I work during SEVIS transfer?

I have stem opt upto Jan 2019 and i will be applying for SEVIS transfer to a new college on Dec 1st week and then CPT authorization in Dec 2nd week after sevis is transferred, So while sevis is being transferred can i work on STEM OPT during this period ? or should i wait unitll for when the CPT authorization is approved and work from Jan 1st week when the college starts ?

In general, you should NOT work without proper authorisation…When you transfer Schools, during that period, you are not enrolled in a school, so you cannot work. Also, beware of Day 1 CPT schools, they are a risky option and there are more cases with issues than successes.

Your question has to be answered in two parts.

I have been in the same scenario before, and it is NOT legal to working during SEVIS transfers. Usually SEVIS transfers take a business day between institutions, but the real delay is when the receiving side takes time to update it on their end.
Now the seconds part is when your new school updates your SEVIS and authorizes your CPT, only then you can commence work. In other words you have to stop working on the day the SEVIS is being transferred from your current school and start work only from the data that is mentioned on your CPT authorized I20.

Hope this helps.

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