Date Of Birth was incorrectly printed on visa page - Please help me get it corrected

I have traveled to US on 27th Febuary 2016 . When I tried to download my I94, I found discrepancy in my date of birth, that there is mismatch in my passport and my Visa, somehow I got thru the immigration in India and US,

but the problem arised when I am applying for SSN. I have found Date Of Birth which was incorrectly printed on visa page. Could you please suggest me further process to get it corrected in US. Thank You.

My actual DOB as per Passport : 08-JUN-1984.

But in Visa Page DOB was printed as 08-JUL-1984.

I would suggest talking to your attorney. Had you been outside of US, you could have re-appeared for stamping and get a new visa stamp, but I don’t know what process you should follow now that you are inside US.

What’s the DOB on your 797?