Date of birth update in SSN, I-94 and I797

I am currently on H1 b visa with approved I-140. I just applied for correction in place of birth and date of birth in passport to match my birth certificate. Could you please help me answer the below questions

1.Lets say If my passport gets corrected, What other documents I need to update and what is the process ( I-797, I-94). Do i need to provide any supporting documents as to why the change was made?
2.My employer would need to file a new perm for me as I changed my location. Should I wait for the passport update to happen to proceed with the perm or go ahead with the actual DOB in birth certificate as that is a more valid document
3.While doing the H1b amendment, will it also result in an automatic extension ?
4.Do I need to correct the already approved I-140 or PERM or it is on to give the correct DOB in the new PERM?


After howmany days of your birth, your birth is registered? (not the date of your birth certificate issued).

Hi , My birth was registered after 5 days of my birth

@ImmiGeek Any input on this matter is highly appreciated

@ImmiGeek Following up again for your input

I would suggest you to keep the old and new passport and the required name change documentation that you have submitted for passport updates(and the response if any) with you and dont make any change requests for your current 797, 94 etc. They will get expired eventually.

PERM is for Green Card filing. I didnt get you what is getting changed? Was your PERM already filed/approved? If so, there is no need for FILING a new PERM just because YOUR location changed. PERM is for a given job in the given location, but not for the location of the candidate. Please be clear what is this statement about.
If any petition is not yet filed(including a new PERM etc), always better to get the final passport updates and use it for filings to be more consistent.

Not by default. Amendment is different than extending a status. But in few instances, USCIS may give an updated I-94 date with the approval of an Amendment(mind it, some times the new I-94 date MAY be before your current I-94 date).

Yes, you should request the USICS to update/amend your already approved Immigrant Visa documents(Immigrant Visa = Green Card) like PERM/i140/EAD/AP etc.

General answer: If a birth is not registered within few days(not sure exactly howmany), its invalid. In such cases, its advised to use the NABC(Non-Availability of Birth Certificate) with a self declared Affidavit of actual birth date. Google for more details around this.

Thanks @ImmiGeek. Appreciate your response. Please see my comments below.

1.I believe I may need to update my SSN and DL as my company is going to use my updated DOB in HR systems and updating my SSN is important while filing taxes and claiming health insurance. I read through the documents required for updating SSN and looks like a corrected/updated I797/I-94 is required

2.Employer is filing new perm as my work location has changed. Should I wait for the passport update to happen to proceed with the perm or go ahead with the actual DOB in birth certificate as that is a more valid document

PERM is for a future job, I am not sure why your employer is filing a new PERM for ayour current job location change.

@ImmiGeek I believe it is because the prevailing wages are based of the job location and a new location will have different wage requirements.

Do you have any thoughts about the SSN change and need for a correction in the I797/I-94