“Date of Birth has been Updated” - USCIS

I got case status update that my date of birth has been updated i never requested that its form i290b

Don’t worry. It is an intermittent status that system randomly shows for all sorts of applications. Wait for the physical copy of the notice, if they really need something…

I did receive a letter that it is ordered that mortion to appeal and reconsideration have been granted and a new decision be entered on my case does it mean they approved it all together? Should i expect my appointment already or they still have to approve it

Not necessarily, you should talk to your attorney and then see, if there is approval letter that was received. Check with them.

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i received the same update, that date of birth has been updated for form I290 B… can you plz tell me what happened next? did you recieve a formal notice? did ur motion get approved?

thank you.